03 November 2008

"Not Me!" Monday

I so DID NOT completely stalk MCKMama's blog or frequently check my dashboard this week hoping to see updates on MCKMuffin's birth.

I am not such a wimp about staying home alone that I DID NOT call and persuade my 75+ year old grandparents to come stay the weekend with me while Daddy Buck was once again gone hunting. They most certainly agreed...I think more to see Buck-a-roo and Frank-o than to keep me company.

I DID NOT just feed Buck-a-roo some yogurt that expired on Oct. 31. For heaven's sakes, it's yogurt. It says on the label "contains live cultures"...how expired can it possibly get??

I DID NOT convince myself all day today, that fruit salad covered in amaretto cream cheese dip is healthy!! Just because it contains a dozen satsuma wedges and a handful of grapes, doesn't mean I didn't consume a ridiculous amount of calories. I am just hoping it was better than the alternative....a massive handful of Halloween candy!!

I DID NOT completely take advantage of the time change this evening by having my boys indoors and bathed for 6:00pm and will have them in bed for 7:00pm. This is at least 1 1/2 hour earlier than it has been for the past six months and I am about to bask in the silence of the evening (remember Daddy Buck is still gone hunting).

I AM NOT seriously dwelling on the idea that Buck-a-roo is 3 1/2 years old and really has developed an interest in the computer lately and I DO NOT enjoy sharing my computer with him because I AM NOT completely obsessed with the computer, blogging, emailing, photo editing......

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Following Him said...

I totally did not laugh at the fact that another mama put her kiddos to bed early :) Found your blog through MckMama!!!