03 November 2008

this go-round seems much different than four years ago

...is it because this country will make history tomorrow, either by electing our first-ever female vice president or our first-ever African-American president?

....is it because our economy has fallen on hard times and could certainly use an economic catapult during these next four years??

....is it because I have children this time around and that makes the stakes seem so much higher (i think, probably so)???

...is it because I continue to be told my friends, acquaintances, and strangers alike that I look like Sarah Palin (this can't be it)????

Daddy Buck and I are both creatures of habit, so this whole idea of "CHANGE" really doesn't sit so well with us (if you know what I mean)!!

Polls open at 6:00am--Vote, Vote, Vote doggonnit!!

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