05 December 2008

Christmas Spirit Award

My dear blogging friend, Kristen (Cover family Chaos) , bestowed upon my and my little blog the:

Simply put....this award means that myself, my family, and my blog are in the Christmas Spirit!! {and that we are...just wait for the posts from our upcoming weekend}

I am to list 5 (or more) reasons that I love the Christmas season and pass on the Spirit to more blogging friends....

1. I enjoy saying, "Merry Christmas" and keeping CHRIST as the reason for the season.

2. I most enjoy giving, giving, giving. I am a giving person and give throughout the year....but I find it super difficult to resist during the holiday season.

3. I enjoy the feeling in the air that begins just after Thanksgiving and lasts all the way until the new year. The indescribable feeling of warmth, joy, peace, and love that people seem to possess during the holiday season.

4. I love the irreplaceable looks on my children's faces on Christmas morning and how it brings me back to my childhood momentarily.

5. I enjoy family get-togethers of people that we might not otherwise see year-round.

6. I so do enjoy decorating our home for the holidays and most enjoyed the help that Buck-a-roo gave this year with this not-so-small task.

Go ahead MCKMama, Amy S., LeAnna, and Trish...it's your turn now.

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