06 December 2008

Holiday Fun!! (Post #151 WOW!!)

Friday night, the boys and I, accompanied by our neighbors, trekked downtown for the Christmas Festival of lights.

IT WAS COLD!! We were so tightly bundled and decked out in our new gloves and knit caps....we didn't even realize how cold it really was!! That is, of course, until we made it to the fake, shaved snow cone ice snow exhibit.

As I mentioned on Friday, we went Saturday morning to the Mall of Louisiana for Breakfast with Santa hosted by the hospital where I work.

The boys loved the balloon artist that made each of them a balloon shaped like spiderman dangling from a web.

The highlight of the morning is the fact that both of my boys stood within arms' reach of Santa Claus (ignore the small detail that I had to stand with them.....it's progress people) without freaking out and my friend was able to snap this picture.

It's not professional, but I do believe it's as close to pictures with Santa as I'm going to get this year....so, I'll take it.

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