20 December 2008

testing, testing, 1.2.3

Daddy Buck surprised me last night, as we were dressing to go out for my work Christmas party, with a Canon EOS Rebel XSi for my Christmas gift.


He gave it to me early....he said "so I could be proficient at taking pictures with it by Christmas morning". Are you kidding me? It takes a master photographer to work this machine, of which I am NOT diligently working at.....

.....with two most cooperative, super-willing, always behaving adorable test subjects!

I have been snapping pictures all morning. Testing flash, focus, zoom, settings....oh, you know, just "pushing buttons" as Frank-o would say.

Buck-a-roo wasn't as tolerant as Frank-o on the whole take-a-jillion-pictures-to-learn-the-new-camera idea.

When my "test subjects" finally called it quits, I had to move on to Christmas decor throughout the house.

'Tis the season for giving....
thanks Daddy Buck!! Not only did you purchase the camera for me, but you did all the research too. You are the best!!


Trish said...


LeAndMatt said...

props to Daddy Buck for the gift (and the research!). We love ours (though ours is a prior year model). Matthew has even purchased an external flash and several lenses.

Congrats...now get to taking some more pictures!

Love ya

Trish said...

I'm gonna have to come to Baton Rouge and get me a little boy fix. Before long they won't be so little anymore. We are going to be in South Louisiana the 30th-3rd, so maybe we'll skip your way to say hi.

Courtney said...

Well hi there! I found you through a comment you left on Jack and Mandy's blog through MckMama (who I'm obsessed with as well...I mean, who isn't? :) ). Thought I'd pop on over to say hello, and as I scrolled down through your posts, I saw this one on getting a new Rebel for Christmas!

I just won a Rebel XS from a photo contest earlier this month, and I'm so consumed with figuring it out and trying to take pretty pictures! I just bought a "Canon XS for Dummies" book, so I'm hoping that helps. :) I've been posting my beginner pics, too, on my blog. Such fun. Anyway, I thought since we're at the same place in our journey (and I have two little boys, too), that I'd keep up with your blog, if that's okay. Feel free to do the same if so inclined!

God bless!

Courtney in Indiana