17 December 2008

Wordless Wednesday on PrincessMom's Birthday

I thought I would devote my birthday post to sharing some pictures of my boys' BIRTHdays!!

March 06, 2005
4lbs. 4ozs. (32 weeks)

(*this picture is actually three days after he was born, because that is when we were able to hold him for the first time)

:: for the record now....37lbs. and 41 inches

June 07, 2006
5lbs. 11ozs. (37 weeks)

:: for the record now.....33lbs.

that wasn't so WORDless was it?!?


Kristan said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!! I hope your day is wonderful!! Is F feeling better??? Those pics are so cute! Wow, buck a roo was small...32 weeks huh! He looks great now!

LeAndMatt said...

Happy Birthday Lori! Can't believe how the time flies....I hope you had a wonderful Birthday!

The Torres Family

P.S. Love the Christmas Card!

Kristan said...

Hey, just wanted to say that the present-age in my pic was at my MIL's house! She goes nuts at Christmas!! Def. not mine!!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday! I didn't realize you had had a birthday this week!