15 December 2008

"Not Me!" Monday

:: I, being entirely prepared and at peace with the idea of my children undergoing anesthesia for the betterment of their health, WAS NOT in the least bit relieved when Frank-o's ENT surgery was cancelled this week, thus, also leading to the cancellation of Buck-a-roo's ENT surgery also.

:: In my career, I see children in moderate to severe respiratory distress on a daily basis and ultimately have had a hand in saving several children's lives; therefore, when Frank-o was ill this week and experienced a touch of mild respiratory distress (which lead to the cancellation of above mentioned surgeries) , I DID NOT begin to freak out and email/text/IM every doctor-friend that I know to acquire advice. And, I most certainly tried to be as "rock solid" at home as I am at work and DID NOT almost load Frank-o into the car and head to the ER for the mild respiratory distress that I am most capable of handling and have all the tools/equipment/medication on hand to treat at home. What I'm saying...is that it's absolutely, hands-down NOT different when it's your own children.

:: I AM NOT about to admit that I did have a headache after leaving our holiday get-together with our extended family in the picture below:

:: Saturday night after my boys opened their Christmas gifts from their great-grandparents, I DID NOT threaten to contact Santa Claus himself and tell him to skip the Vaughn household this year if my children did not say "thank-you" and act grateful upon receiving gifts from people this year; because if it's the only thing I accomplish, I vow to raise appreciative children that comprehend the blessings that they are bestowed day in and day out. Am I asking too much of a 2 and 3 year old??

:: I AM NOT so sentimental and camera-ready that when I overheard from my bedroom tonight that Daddy Buck was reading to our boys, I DID NOT almost break my neck to run into the living room and snap this picture:


Following Him said...

Calling Santa? You are not asking too much out of a 2 or 3 year old!

Keyona said...

Don't you love getting pictures with daddy and the kids!

blueviolet said...

I love pictures like that. What a treasure. :)