16 January 2009

Favorite Things Friday

1. Scrapblog....if you are unfamiliar with this website, you should definitely check it out. It is free and terrific for designing blog headers, photo collages, coffee table photograph books, even Christmas cards as I did this year and they even printed them for me. check it out at http://www.scrapblog.com/.

2. Hot Chocolate....is quickly becoming a recent addiction of mine. Lots of marshmallows, whipped cream, or even, hot white chocolate are my recent indulgences. A little dash of Amaretto liqueur never hurts anything, either!!

3. My new circle of blogging friends....especially my two new blogging friends--they are both mothers to young boys, as I am and both just got new snazzy cameras, as I did; so, we have lots in common to blog about. They are Tiffany at The Boren Life (she sponsors this blogging carnival) and Courtney at Courtney and the Boys. check 'em out...

4. Playing games with my boys before bedtime....it is excellent comic relief for the day's end! It's a mix of 'any rule goes' and 'start over because I messed up' swirled together with 'if you're under three years of age, you think you MUST win every single time'!! It's great!!


The Thompson's said...

WOW! Cant complain with any of that. I love them all. Especially the kids thing and Tiff and Court. They are two of my favorite bloggy friends as well so I guess we also have alot in common. :) I email both of them regularly.


Brent & Angela said...

I use scrapblog and it is wonderful! I saw your Christmas Card at mom's and loved it. You have a beautiful family!

Brent & Angela said...

I use scrapblog also thanks to you! I saw your Christmas card at mom's and saw that you used scrapblog. I immediately went to the website and have been using it ever since. I LOVE IT!! Thanks! You have a beautiful family.

Tiffany said...

Lurve me some scrapblog, girl!! Good FTF's this week. I concur with them all!


Jason, Vanessa, Zander & Mason said...

I'm a friend of Tiff's and have 2 boys as well. I just had to check out your Favorites for the week. I'll have to check the scrapblog, sounds fun.