30 January 2009

Favorite Things Friday

  1. Blog carnivals....I am lovin' me some blog carnivals. For pete's sake (who is Pete anyway?) I am now participating in like 7 or 8 weekly carnivals. I am pondering the idea that it is now time for me to start/begin/create/initiate my very own blog carnival creation?!? Any ideas? Why on earth would you all share your ideas with me, for me to then steal them, and pretend like I came up with the ingenius idea all on my own!?!
  2. My housekeeper....Oh how I love thee, let me count the many, many, endless ways! Every other Thursday, the smell of pine-sol as I enter the house after work...she is one terrific gal!
  3. My new gym....that I joined this week, along with my new workout routine, my renewal to getting fit, eating healthier, and shedding some unwanted pounds.
  4. Twitter....a friend of mine this week said it best! Twitter is for those that were never in a sorority/fraternity, but secretly wanted to be {what? me? never?} Come on Tiff and Court, where on you on this one?

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oh how we love you partaking in the weekly sessions what fun and gives yoiu a reason to post. you do one go ahead and we all will join you..

umm lets see, how about well what day is open for you stat off with that.

what are you in too, baking, scrapbooking,t.v, think of what your passion is then we can make a desision for ya girly.

well i have a voting session on my bloggy come over and vote a or b please

Pam said...

OK. I'm with you on everything.

Except the gym, of course. Because I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to them and may just croak should I have to step into one and DO something--like workout.

Have a great one!


Courtney and the Boys said...

You're hilarious my friend. I would love to join you on Twitter, but that requires texting and what not...it's not in our "family plan." As much as I love checking it on people's blogs, I can't afford to do it on my phone. But I'm glad you're enjoying it!!! :)

And I'm rolling at Frank-o and the dog food. I mean, seriously...would you please feed that child so he doesn't have to resort to the dog's trash can of food? :)