30 January 2009

Flashback Friday

Yes, this is Frank-o a year ago. Yes, he is sitting in a trash can that contains our dogs' food. Yes, his mouth is chock full of dog food. No, he does not have a look of dislike on his face because yes, he likes the dog food. Yes, his name is Frank-o; not MIKEY!

Why post this picture of Frank-o from one year ago eating dog food? So glad you asked. Well, a.) it's Flashback Friday and b.) Frank-o's not over the fixation.

I thought he was over it. He should be over it. He's 2 1/2 and should not be putting foreign objects into his mouth. He came to me yesterday and 'fessed up to eating ALL of Remington's dog foodI caught him eating dog food again this week. He said, "Look Mommy, Remtin's food in my teef"! {excellent} {does that mean you don't need dinner?} {man, your breath is kickin'}



one word ahhhhhh so cute and yu have a picture to remember this cute event that happened. good cause they grown up so fast..

before your eyes.

Pam said...

OMGosh that is absolutely hysterical. Especially the dialogue that came along with the latest offense!

Thank goodness my girls have NEVER been interested in eating our dog's food.

What a story to tell at his rehearsal dinner!

Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

Gotta love childhood pica! That's hysterical :-)