09 January 2009

Flashback Friday, Favorite Things Friday


....a year ago


1. My new camera....it's a Canon Rebel DSLR that Daddy Buck gave me for Christmas and it is great!! It goes everywhere with me and takes superb pictures of my kiddos.
2. Boxing on the Wii....aggression release, compeititive fix, and cardio jumpstart, need I say more?!?
3. Being a Pediatric Critical Care Nurse....it's a fulfilling, rewarding, adrenaline rush for me to go to work and have my hand in healing lives, saving lives, preserving {young} lives day in and day out.

Happy Friday!!


Courtney said...

OH. MY. GOODNESS. That picture of your boys is precious! How in the world did they fall asleep together? I'm not sure that's a physical possibility for mine!!! Although, I pray that the older they get, they might be able to, because I'm hoping to put them in bunk beds.

And I can only imagine the reward you feel in your profession...everyone deserves to feel that way!

Have a great day!

Courtney and the Boys

Vaughn Family Blog said...

I distinctly remember this day...it was a Saturday (my husband works most Saturdays and I have the boys alone). It was naptime (we never miss naptime); so I layed down with the boys in my bed (easisest way to get them down TOGETHER, which is a must for me) and they fell alseep. I was in the middle of them; the minute I shimmied my way out and off the bed, Frank-o rolled over and grabbed ahold of Buck-a-roo. And, I almost broke my neck running to find my camera before I missed it. They slept three hours like that!!

My job is great!! There's nothing better than leaving work knowing that you saved a life that day!! We joke around the hospital all the time and say "Just another day of savin lives"!!

My boys are 15 months apart. They will be 4 in March and 3 in June. What are yours??

Kristan said...

Yeah to your job! Many people like you have had a hand in helping my baby girl!! It takes special people to be in the medical field! I once started going to college for Nursing, but changed my major :( I do't think I could've hacked it!

Following Him said...

The boys are absolutly priceless!!! Glad they get along enough to sleep at nap time!!! THANK YOU for doing the job of a nurse! Have a great weekend!!!

Tiffany said...

I can't believe I failed to give you a shout out! Aww MAN! Don't worry, I have something up my sleeve for you. :) heeheehee!

I'm speechless, nearly, about that pic of the boys! I would LOVE for my guys to take a nap together, too. Seriously! I think it would just turn into a romp around.

Thanks for being in the trenches giving care and attention to children when they need it most.

Have a blessed weekend, friend!