09 January 2009

random thoughts

It's Friday....TGIF!!


Daddy Buck had the unfortunate experience of attending the funeral of a premature infant yesterday that was the grandson of one of his salespeople. This little, little boy had fought for life for several weeks and lost his battle this week and I know there is a special place in heaven in God's hands for this sweet baby, Cruz.

Though I don't speak of it much, I do realize that we are most blessed for the not one, but two miracles that have been bestowed upon us in Buck-a-roo (born at 31 weeks after many, many weeks of pre-tem labor and in NICU for 2 weeks) and Frank-o (born at 37 weeks after 20 weeks of bedrest following ruptured membranes at 17 weeks). I give thanks daily for them and couldn't imagine life any other way.


Jocelyn's (my neighbor and close friend) mother is receovering well from her aneurysm repair. She is expected to have her feeding tube removed today and with extensive daily therapy is up and about walking to the restroom, watching television in the chair for extended periods, and even went outdoors yesterday evening for some fresh air. Thanks to all my wonderful blog readers for your thoughts, prayers, and comments.

While she has been in AL, I have been getting her youngster from preschool/daycare and keeping him in the evening until his dad gets home from work. Three boys (ages 2, 3, 4) for snacktime, dinnertime, bathtime, and destroy-the-bedroom-time has been interesting!!


If it couldn't have been our LSU Tigers in the BCS Championship last night, then I'm glad that an SEC won the match-up. Way to go Florida Gators!!

Our football following is officially over for now (our New Orleans Saints aren't in the playoffs) and we will now turn our attention to LSU Baseball, ranked #1 as we head into the 2009 season that kicks off in February.


Have a terrific weekend!!

On tap for us this weekend....a lunch date with friends at Chick-fil-A on Saturday, date night for Daddy Buck and I on Saturday night, and church on Sunday morning.

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Our prayers are with them all.