03 January 2009

hey all you "button-grabbers" out there....

....ours is up for grabs now (mid-way down right sidebar) !!

I visited Oikology101, per Tiff's instruction, and followed the instructions step-by-step and made our button all by my little self. I just boosted my html-code writing skills tenfold!! Visit the blog at the link below to learn some super-skillz as it pertains to the blogging world.

And, since I have become and addict for blog traffic, blog comments, blog followers, all things bloggable....post our button on your sidebar and send a quick "fix"(I should stop now with the drug innuendos) my way.


Tiffany said...

Girl, does that "Tiff" refer to moi!!!!?? I clicked just to check and the link didn't work! UHG! I'm going to feel like a fool if it's some other megga smart blogging Tiff out there. :)

I am loving this follow and be followed circus, too. My lovely sister in law and I are certainly addicted! Hahaha! I wanted to give you the inside scoop...listen close.. I'm going to have a really great raffle (no money involved) for some really cute photography related paraphenalia soon! (Hope that's spelled right.. when is blogger going to get spell check on the comments section for people like me?) Lurve your button girl and I'll but adding it to my sidebar! Thanks again for participating in FTF. Now, if I could only get Courtney to play along. :)


Courtney said...

Now...if I could only get my sister-in-law to stop calling me out on other people's blogs...

Love your button! Good work, girl!


Carrie said...

Wa-hooo! Your button looks fab-yoo-lous!!!

Your first link to my blog has an extra "i" in it and that's why Tiffany couldn't get there. But she can get there from my apple button right below it.

Here's a direct link to how to make your own button!

Thanks for the link love Lori!! Congrats on your button!

The Thompson's said...

Hey there! Your button is on and active! I also put an additional link to your site on the Fort for some extra publicity. Plus it makes it easier for me to see when youve made a new post. ;)

By the way, the camo thing is the new makeover. It was this grey dull thing before.