20 January 2009

Laughter Lives Tuesday

Laughter LivesThis post is part of "Laughter Lives! Tuesday" on the Riggs Family Blog. Check our their blog to read everyone else's "Laughter Lives!" posts.

I am attempting to participate in another blog carnival; this one on Tuesdays. Can I keep up--we shall see. This blog carnival just began this week...It is Laughter Lives Tuesday and is sponsored by Brent at ...where laughter lives. They are a great family with a terrific story that does fabulous work, so check 'em out.

This week's theme for Laughter Lives Tuesday is kids...

*** Tonight I brought my boys and a friend to McDonald's for dinner and to play in the PlayPlace area. We were the only people there, so the three boys were playing Hide&Seek after eating. Here's Frank-o's version of being the "seeker":

"one, two, free, four, five, six, sebin, eight, nine, ten! evfree or not, here I AM"!!

*** Also tonight as I was putting the boys to bed, Buck-a-roo attempts to explain to me just how much he loves me:

{as he is making a triangle gesture with his fingers}

Buck-a-roo: "Mom, do you know what this is?"
Me: "A triangle?"
Buck-a-roo: "No, it's means hundred frouzand ten..that's how much I love you!"

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