20 January 2009

It's Baaaack!!

Remember this post where I addressed the sinkhole that formed in our front yard in the days following Hurricane Gustav. And, this post where I discussed the hope that the sinkhole had been fixed.
As the title of this post eludes to....it's back! and this is the site of my front yard this morning.

Let the digging begin....

How many municipal parish employees, dressed like human orange cones, does it take to decide what causes above pictured sinkhole, how to best resolve above pictured sinkhole, actually resolve above pictured sinkhole, and return a family's front yard to some state of normalcy?? That is yet to answered. But, when the number is decided...throw in a couple handful extra to stand on the outside and look in!

Don't get me wrong...these men were incredibly nice, admittedly dumbfounded, and enormously apologetic. Still, little answer as to why?

A rather large hole was dug, water was found, the "larger than last incidence" hole was filled with Mexican Lymestone, dirt was replaced and now we wait and see! Are you kidding me?

Though my front yard did look like a state of natural disaster, mixed with mass confusion, and lots of mud....at least it was a beautiful, full of sun, brisk breeze, 55+ degrees, type of day with several flowers remaining in bloom in this the third week of January.

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