26 January 2009

rough start to Monday morning

0600: Frank-o's 10-pound pee-soaked pull-up burst in the middle of my king-size quilt soaking 4 layers of king-size linens.

0700: i drop the boys off at preschool, only to find that I have forgotten their nap mats for the week and must return home to get them. at least I am able to quell the 3 year-old freak out before it happens by pacifying him with a promise to return with the nap mats within the hour while he is off learning his new Bible verse for Monday morning.

0800: on my return to preschool to drop off forgotten nap mats, i scraped the bumper of a parked vehicle that belonged to anther parent scurrying into daycare to drop off her child as she was already late for work. here's the best part, the vehicle is brand-spaning new, temporary license plate in window :)

1000: headed to check-out with my massive shopping cart full of groceries in Wal-Mart as an elderly lady begins to seize and goes unresponsive in the produce section. for heaven sakes, I am a nurse and cannot keep going as if I don't know what is happening. i proceed to give the unresponsive lady CPR until the paramedics arrive.

it's not even 1100am people?!?


Heather said...

Holy Smokes! Praise you for helping that lady! Most people would have just walked by! Praying for a calmer rest of the day! :)

Tiffany said...

Oh boy.. this is going to be an action packed week for you! :) Hang in there girlie and don't forget to take a few, or more, deep breaths...and maybe hit happy hour a couple times in the evenings. :) So when are we going to start seeing that cafe' mocha vodka valium latte' surface on the barista's menu? :)


Amy said...

Wow! That's really rough. Bless your heart.

Courtney and the Boys said...

Oh, my! God bless your pea-pickin' heart! I hope the elderly lady was okay...thank goodness you were there.

Glad to be back amongst the land of the blogging again...got back late last night and am trying to catch up on emails and blogs! Congrats on being chosen for that book! Woot woot! :)


Harper said...

WHOA there cowboy! What a morning! Saving lives, delivering nap mats, what DON'T you do!? :)