31 January 2009

Saturday of 1sts

Frank-o was invited to his first birthday party for a classmate from his preschool. It was at Gymboree Play and Music . Ball, tunnels, monkey bars, bean bags, music, slides, parachutes...a terrific party for early toddlers. He had a fantastic time at his very first invited-by-a-playmate birthday party...

(click to enlarge)

Because I take with issue with bringing siblings to birthday parties that they were not invited to, my MIL offered to keep Buck-a-roo for me (seeing as Daddy Buck was working). Then she decided she would take him to the movies; sweet, right? Except, he has never been to the movie theatre; it was his first time! {sniff.sniff..} They saw Hotel for Dogs and he talked about it all afternoon. Don't think I would let his first trip to the movie theatre go undocumented by a picture. I qucikly snapped this pic as Frank-o and I drove away.

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday tomorrow...


Courtney and the Boys said...

Awwww...sniff, sniff. Glad to hear he had fun at the movie...good for you for snapping a pic. :)

And I love all of the pics at Gymboree! Great colors and it looks like he had so much fun. :)


The Thompson's said...

AWWWWW, that is so sweet. We have a drive in movie place and we saw Hotel for Dogs last weekend. It was a GREAT kid show. Matter of fact it was a great big people show too. My wife and I loved laying on the air mattress we set up in the back of our Expedition as we layed there under the covers with the kids, ate popcorn and watched the movie. Good times I tell ya, good times.

Love and Prayers,


Pam said...

Saturday WAS a day full of firsts. I know Buck-A-Roo loved the movie but I wish you could've gone, too!

Great pictures!