06 February 2009

Favorite Things Friday

Before I spill the beans on some of my favorite things, I want you to know where you can peruse the favorite things of many others at .....The Boren Life. And, check out her recent post about Dads take their kids to work DAY.....suh-weet!!

1. Gift wrapping....I have always enjoyed wrapping gifts. I once had a gift wrapping job during the Christmas season in high school. My mom always enjoyed gift wrapping, took time to make each package special, and passed this trait on to me. Check out my new technique...this is one sheet of reversible wrapping paper!

2. My large double-headed shower....bathroom heater on + (2) shower heads on = hot, steamy shower to open sinuses and warm my chilled bones on a cold winter's morning. The boys also tend to be fond of my shower here lately.
(:gotta love the leftover oreo in the crevice of the mouth:)

3. Rearing my children to follow in my footsteps....Look, future blogger in the making!!!(OK, actually he just loves to listen to the music as it plays on the blog and thinks he is really big when he sits at my computer)


Courtney and the Boys said...

I love your wrappin' skillz! My mom was the world's best wrapper, too, and imparted some of her knowledge to me. I'm all about wire ribbon. :)

And check out that cutie in the shower...


Pam said...

My aren't you crafty?!

Here's yet another thing we have in common. I've always loved to wrap gifts and spent years running the giftwrap dept at a local retail store all while also working my regular Human Resources job. Talk about crazy! I'm so glad I only wrap my own gifts now.

Have a great weekend,