06 February 2009

Flashback Friday

I remember this picture and this time of our lives very, very well. This was taken exactly three years ago. I was 3 months pregnant with Frank-o and Buck-a-roo was 11 months old. I had just recently been placed on, what would turn out to be, a treacherous 20-weeks of bedrest.

My restrictions were so strict, that all I could do for my firstborn was rock him....and that we did! We rocked, and we rocked, and we rocked some more. That probably explains his being so high maintenance to this day behaviors/character/personality to this day. I am quite sure that he is not scarred for life because of it and most probably is clueless that those 20 weeks of his life were any different that any other child's; that however, does not erase the guilt at the time. To say that it was trying would be an understatement.

We made it! And we are blessed!

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Pam said...

Wow! What a flashback! That had to have been emotionally exhausting for you. I just can't imagine.