01 February 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

This week's "Not Me!" Monday post is jam-packed with picture-accompaniment, so let's get right to it...

I WAS NOT the gleeful, surprised recipient of yet another dozen (make that, double dozen) roses from my husband earlier this week.

This IS NOT my kitchen floor last Thursday evening following outdoor playtime, snacktime, and dinnertime on the very same day that my housekeeper had swept, vacuumed, and mopped the floors just a mere 8 hours earlier.

That being said, I AM NOT the only obsessive, compulsive, neat, clean house freak, female species in my home amongst three rambunctious, nonchalant, forgetful, grind your feet in the mud and then tromps through the house, male species. To that end, I DID NOT decide that it was time for my 2 and 3 year old boys to learn how to help in the cleaning of the house as evidenced by the pictures below.

I DO NOT feel a little guilty, as if I have been playing favorites on this blog because Frank-o has been the recipient of many recent postings, especially those containing pictures. Buck-a-roo is going through that phase in life where every picture he takes, he insists on posing in a silly, cheesy, orchestrated manner and Frank-o is just so darn innocent, mischievous, and carefree that it makes for great photography.

Frank-o DID NOT bring me this glob of diarrhea-colored Play-doh Play-doh creation on Saturday and joyfully exclaimed, "Look, Mommy, it's you...I made you!"

It WAS NOT a bittersweet moment for me, when my MIL took Buck-a-roo to the movies on Saturday for his first time ever to a movie theatre. I DID NOT tear up at the fact that it was the first 'first' that I was not partaking in with one of my boys. And, I DID NOT insist upon snapping a terribly uncentered, poor angled, out of focus picture as I drove off.

As Frank-o and I dined at Chick-fil-A on Saturday with some friends, this

WAS NOT sitting at the table just across the way from us steady munching a an 8pc nugget with a fruit bowl for the side item.

Happy Monday!

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