25 March 2009

carnival creation

I am having issues with posting the Mr Linky portion....I have to get the boys from school, go to Home Depot to pick out paint color, out to dinner with the family, and pop some pills for the horrible head cold that is getting me down. I hope to work on this more tonight. In the mean time...create your post, post the new Coupon Ca$h-In Carnival button to your blog, and speak of your blog post in the comments of this post

Original Post
What do you get when you combine two popular topics in the blog-o-spere, a. blog carnivals and b. couponing, with the real life endeavour of saving money in today's tough economy?

You get the Coupon Ca$h-In Carnival hosted by Vaughn Family Chaos!!

It will be a weekly carnival (I ask that you all chime in on what day of the week works best for you, your couponing, your shopping, etc...) where my blog readers and yours join together to post about your weekly couponing adventures! Where did you shop this week? Where were the best deals? How much money did you pocket? Where others can print the coupons you used? Upcoming advertised savings?

It is fun to post about your couponing rewards and even more rewarding is sharing with your blogging buddies so that they may also reap the benefits. I will start this week by showing you a picture from my visit last Sunday to KMart...

KMart advertised double manufacturer's coupons on Sunday and I was all over it like white on rice. You will see in the picture that KMart breaks down their savings on your receipt into two categories, as do most stores. I saved $15.27 on advertised sale items and $11.75 in redeemed coupons for a total of $27.02.

This is a very general description of my savings. You may do the same in your post or go into more detail for specific items and coupons. Either way...just spread the word on how you saved yourself a chunk of change.

I have posted a Coupon Ca$h-In Carnival button to my left sidebar that you may place on your blog and will post Mr Linky to the bottom of this post so that everyone can link up. Have fun and happy couponing!


LeAndMatt said...

Ok I am thinking of doing a separate blog for my new hobby for a while and this may be my reason to finally do it! Cute button btw

Pam said...

Great idea! When in the world do you have time for all of this?

LeAndMatt said...

Ok, I did it...www.torresmoneysaver.blogspot.com

I tried putting your button on my blog, but the picture was huge...and I couldn't get it to shrink down in size...going to get the hubby to look at it for me...he speaks html!

love ya