20 March 2009

Flashback Friday

This weekend last year was Easter weekend and we had a fabulous weekend indeed. The weather couldn't have been any better as evidenced by the crystal blue skies in the following pictures.

I suppose you can now guess what we did on Saturday before our Easter Sunday festivities. The weather was A+ and the wind was quite robust. Papa Cody spent the day kite-flying with the boys.

The boys and I are headed to my parents' house this weekend for a visit while Daddy Buck is going to the deer camp. The forecast for this weekend, the first weekend of Spring, is superb here in the deep South.

Sunny skies, no chance of rain, family, and friends is a combination for Good Times had by all.
The forecast for this weekend looks to be good for most of the country for the first weekend of Spring. Get out and enjoy it....

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Pam said...

Great pictures. Have fun this weekend!