19 March 2009

I would like to take this moment to thank The Academy

oh wait!! wrong award...

In all seriousness, I have been remissed in acknowledging my dear blogging pal Pam (Twenty Little Piggies) and accepting the blogging honor that she awarded me last week.

How cool is that?? And from one of my dearest blogging pals that I am truly hoping I get to meet IRL (maybe on the MckCruise)!

It is now my turn to pass the baton, so to speak.

And the award goes to....

Stephanie (Confessions of a Nursing Student)

Harper (Harper's Waste of Space)


Pam said...

What an acceptance speech~~Straight to the point ,yet not too wordy, all while sprinkling in a bit of humility and turning on your KREATIV charm. You rock at this!

And it's such a pretty award, too, isn't it?! If you figure out how to post it as a sidebar gadget, let me know.

Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

Thanks so much for the nomination! I am truly honored to be considered Kreativ ;-)