19 March 2009

How do you take such spectacular photographs of your smashingly handsome boys utilizing splendid post production techniques?


Ok, so that's not exactly the question that many of you asked in the comments of several of my recent posts....but you did question my camera and my software for post production, so you asked and I will share!

Thanks to Daddy Buck....I am shooting with a Canon Rebel Xsi with an 8gb memory card. It is superb!!

I use Picasa3 (free photography editing software from Google) for all of my editing and post production techiniques. I will be honest in saying that not many photographs that you have seen posted on this blog since December have been SOOC (straight out of camera). Most all of them have undergone some sort of post production. The techiniques I utilize the most are sharpening the edges, saturating the color, warming the temperature, cropping and angling.

And just for kicks....one last question that cracks me up!! Are those the "real" feet of your family in your header??

The header is temporaraily gone for the Easter season (though the "feet" picture can still be found on our blog button on the right sidebar), but YES, those are our real feet. It is a picture that was taken by our photographer during our first family professional photo shoot back in October. I had to also convince my grandmother IRL that they were the feet of myself, Daddy Buck and the boys. Why is that so hard to believe and better yet....why would I have a picture of other peoples' feet posted on my blog or scattered throughout my home?!

Any more burning questions? I am here to oblige the readers....


Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

Yay! Thanks for the answers...I will have to try the software you mentioned.

You are so thoughtful and considerate of your readers ;-)

Pam said...

You did this post just for ME, didn't you?! Well, thanks, I appreciate such a grandios answer. Not to mention that you threw in some more photos of the boys.

I can't wait to get my new camera...one day. Unfortunately, it's not on the top of my priority list right now.