09 March 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

If my "Not Me"s would have actually happened IRL this past week, the law could have gotten involved...thank goodness the following things didn't actually occur within our chaotic lives over the past week.

One evening last week as we played outdoors with our neighbors, we decided, as a group, to move from the front yard to the backyard chasing the sun for better play. With four adults, five children, and ridiculous mounds of toys...this was quite a feat. I DID NOT, five minutes later, enter the house and hear a low, muffled cry coming from the general vicinity of the garage door that leads to the front yard. I DID NOT then open that door to find my 2 year old sobbing and saying, "You lef me...You lock me out!". In other words, what I am trying to convey is that I DID NOT temporarily lose my two year old child as he was locked out of the house and in the front yard unsupervised with complete access to the street all alone. In all seriousness, I was horrified after this incident had occurred and must have held him for ten solid minutes, hugging and kissing his poor crying self.

I DID NOT completely ignore the bells and whistles of my car, for exactly 46 miles, alerting me to the fact that I was running low on gas. And, I most certainly DID NOT allow my gas gauge to read this......

After coming to the realization that I was running out of gas, I DID NOT panic because I had my children in the car and I felt the car begin to spittter/spatter/sputter as we coasted into the nearest gas station (E**ON) where I paid $0.10 more per gallon than I should have and I DID NOT even care. Thank goodness, it appears, that the computer on my vehicle is well calibrated.

I am certain that none of these ridiculous antics have ever happened to any of you....

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Pam said...

You left poor, little Frank-O all alone whimpering in the front yard?! Had known I would have surely called DHR. I only have girls. Maybe he should head east and live with me.

I'm a perfect Mother and have NEVER lost track of my kiddos. (At least not both of them at once anyway!) HA!

And thank goodness for such precise engineering on our vehicles! I have pushed my van to the limits a couple too many times lately and it is NOT a comfortable feeling in the least. Glad y'all made it to the pump, regardless of the cost.

Happy Monday!

Following Him said...

Poor kid being forgotton...just kidding :o I most certainly did not stop and get gas that was more expensive since I was 10 miles to E on Friday. Have a great Monday!

Natalie said...

I'm so blown away finding out you had a 4;b 40z preemie too! I though my story was wild but you got a huge blessing !! WOW> I'd love to read your full story if you send me the link or email it to me at. I usually email a comment before I start following a blog but I just was... well I didn't know what to say ;D