17 April 2009

Flashback Friday

The clock in the bottom right hand corner of my computer screen is telling me that I have exactly 33 minutes to publish this post before it is no longer Friday.....so here goes, quickly :-)
These pictures were taken a little over a year ago in our driveway as we headed to the circus for the first time. The boys were thrilled....though, I'm not even sure they knew what going to the circus consisted of.

Have mercy, isn't it easy to differentiate the photographs taken from my old point&shoot camera from a year ago as compared to my pictures of today!
Buck-a-roo had just turned 3 and Frank-o was almost 2. The circus was in an open-air three-ring tent, crowded, hot, humid, smelly, musty, uncomfortable with tons of unexpected FUN as we bumped into and sat next to Buck-a-roo's best "girl"friend, Bella.
Whew!! I made it!

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Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

Sorry, I'm a little behind in my commenting!

It's amazing how much the boys have grown in a year! They were and are handsome little guys.