16 April 2009

Put me in coach...I'm ready to play...today...look at me...I can be...CENTERFIELD!

Mam (Daddy Buck's mother) gave the boys each a baseball in their Easter baskets. The baseball had a purpose....to take to the LSU baseball game and have the players sign it. Tuesday night, we did just that!!

The boys had a fantastic time as the players passed by to autograph their baseballs. Frank-o's favorite player even signed his and he was astonished to see that he was "real".

For weekday games, they allow all children to enter the outfield for the singing of the National Anthem. Buck-a-roo refused saying, "I play Tball already and don't need to play here" and was brought to tears when all was said and done and he wished he had gone through with it.

Frank-o, on the other hand, busted through the gates requesting his glove and ran right past the right fielder (where he was instructed by the "Bat Girls" to STOP) and headed to center field.

Note in the picture, he is the short-for-his-age, runs-as-fast-as-a-snail-with-a-hare's-mentality, lone 2 year old, amidst 8-12 year olds, in the outfield.

You could literally hear the "oohs" and "awws" amongst the 5000+ crowd as he entered the field and then stood motionless for the National Anthem. It was a sweet, adorable, proud moment documented by our handy-dandy iPhone, seeing as it was the one&only game that I didn't have my fancy-schmancy zooming camera tucked away in the diaper bag.

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