04 May 2009

"Not Me!" Monday returns

Coincidentally, our family lived for 5 weeks without one single solitary unplanned unwanted unintentional failed chaotic mishap, mistake, or misadventure. {grin!} And all of the such returned this past week just in time for the return of "Not Me"Monday. {grin!}

:: I DID NOT this week wash a soiled (with urine) pull-up amongst the wet linens and discovered said pull-up as I was switching the load of laundry from the washer and into the dryer and my hands, clothes, and face became covered in the sticky, ooey-gooey, crystalloid, jelly-like inner contents of a diaper.
:: I DID NOT this week find this
hidden in the "secret hideaway compartment" of the boys' table in our kitchen. Looks like those sneaky little rascals have had their stingy little hands in the candy bowl while Momma wasn't looking.
:: I HAVE NOT heard "You mean Mommy/(Daddy)!", "That's not fair!", "You not the teacher", "You not the boss of me!" at least 1,784 times this past week from Frank-o's new-found smarty-pants mouth.
:: We DID NOT recently find this

amidst the boiled crawfish strowed on the table for us to devour at a recent crawfish boil (a lesson a crawfish 101 is available if necessary for those who have no absolute clue what I am speaking of). And, I HAVE NOT saved this picture for 4+ weeks anxiously awaiting the return of "Not Me" Monday to post it.
For much more "Not Me" Monday fun visit my friend and future cruising buddy MckMama at My Charming Kids....

1 comment:

Pam said...

OK, seriously...

How could "the boiler" have missed that poor little turtle amongst all those crawfish when he sent him to his death in that vat of boiling water?

Tragic. Just tragic, I tell ya!