02 May 2009

Slippin' -n- Slidin' Saturday

Throughout the Summer, you will begin to notice a theme to how the boys and I spend our time together on the weekends....

Saturdays. Sundays. Sunshine. Swimsuits. Spirits. Swimmin'. Splashin'. Slippin'. Slidin'. Smiles. Suntan. Sunburn. Sweatin'. Soaking. Snacks.

and...Super Silly.


The Ermis Family said...

Looks like it was a fun day!! :) Can't wait for our HOT weather to finally arrive so we can slip and slide!!! :)


Pam said...

What fun! And I noticed how you slipped "Spirits" in to that Summer alliteration. You crack me up.

I wish you could join us Weds night for the 1st Girls Night Out for a bunch of gals on our block! Too far a drive, I know. The blender will be churning out margaritas and we'll be be feasting on some "girlie" food. Tell you what, I'll Tweet you some pictures during the festivities. Then maybe you'll want to cruise on over!

Have a great week,

p.s. Did I mention that Ellis and I only have 2 more weeks of school? Only a mere 6 more days in my classroom! ;-)

Lauren said...

What the heck is a twitter?!! I really like this site, but what the heck is a blog??!! I'm slowly going to figure it out-- but I have a lot to learn vaughn!! You'll have to teach me. I don't even have my own email address! Going back to look at more of yall's stuff--fells like I'm snooping!!--Lauren