17 May 2009

"Oh Where, Oh Where has my blog owner been? Oh Where, Oh Where has she been?"

work...tball...house guests...school programs...swimming pool...house guests...date nights....preparing house for sale....house guests
So, here I am tonight and I'm gonna try to catch you all up on last week's events!

My dad came in town Monday night for work on Tuesday morning and stayed through Tuesday night to watch Buck-a-roo play tball. Though the game was rained out, Frank-o was able to make his on-field debut with his big brother, as the coach allowed him to warm-up with the team and was even going to allow him to play that evening had it not rained. Warm-up was enough for him and he was elated that he got to PLAY TBALL.

Daddy Buck and I worked ourselves endlessly on Thursday re-staging our house to list it "For Sale". Their was moving furniture, removing furniture, storing furniture, splitting our boys into two rooms, downsizing our bedroom, and lots of DEEP cleaning. It ALL happened in one day and the sign now resides in the front yard. I'll link to the listing soon...

Tball was cancelled on Thursday night for the End of the Year program at their preschool for the PreK3, PreK4, and Kindergarten. Buck-a-roo is not much on "performing" and most especially he is not much on "performing" silly school-age songs complete with hand motions and a huge smile in front of 300+ parents, siblings, and grandparents.

Buck-a-roo did manage to:

::wave at the camera::

::smile for the camera::

::pick his nose for the camera::

And even,
::provide minimal participation for the camera::

It was a terrific night chock full of proud moments...

This weekend, once again for the second weekend in a row, my brother was staying with us at our house. Don't get me wrong, we so enjoy him being here. On Saturday, he and I took the boys to the swimming pool.

At the pool, there was plenty:

::jumping to Uncle J::

::playing 'torpedo' with Uncle J::

We capped off the weekend on Sunday by eating, I swear, 20lbs of crawfish a piece for Daddy Buck and I.

My brother leaves tonight to return to work offshore, tball is cancelled on Tuesday, and the house listing is a done deal, so I will attempt this week to do better at posting more frequently than once every 7 days.

And, just in case there weren't already enough pictures within this post, I will leave you with my favs from our swimming pool play on Saturday...


Trish said...

I love them...they are so gosh darn cute! I understand...we are equally as busy. Add dating to the list which is exhausting and mentally draining. Hopefully I will get the first post on the new blog up soon.

Courtney and the Boys said...

Busy girl. I feel the same way, minus selling my house. You're moving? To Indiana? :)

I have been MIA from my blog, too. One day, I'm sure I'll get back to it. One day.

Cute pics.