01 May 2009

Red Rockets #6

Buck-a-roo had his first T-Ball game last night. I'm hear to tell you that T-Ball for 4-6 year olds certainly holds true to the premise of this blog....C-H-A-O-S. Buck-a-roo, sporting his new team-colored cap, had a fantastic time and Frank-o sat, better than expected, and watched his brother as the crowd roared for each and every missed ball between the legs, stumble over the bases, and swing and a miss at bat.
Here's the rundown (in pictures) of the 2-inning game that spanned almost an hour....

::saying goodbye to little brother as he runs to meet the team::

::pre-game warmup - drop and give me 20::

::flirting with the cutest gal on the team discussing the game plan with a teammate::

::first time up to bat - a nice infield grounder for a base hit::

::1st base::

::2nd base::

::3rd base::


Please do not question as to why I do not have a single picture of him on defense-ready stance-fielding the ball-playing first base, as I do not have an explanation for that observation.
As a side note...he was randomly assigned #6 and his birthday falls on the 6th day of the month. Coincidence. I think not. It's fate. He's destined to be an Allstar baseball player for many years to come and will forever be known as #6. Ok, I'll slow my roll a bit. But, I'm just saying...


Pam said...

Oh, how cute! And he crossed home plate. Running the right way. Way to go Buck-a-roo!

My only question is for you~
You think maybe you didn't get all of those "other" pictures because you were too busy entertaining that new fella at the field? How, did you describe him? Oh yeah, he was a White Russian. That was it! I hear he's petty nice. ;-)

Have a fantastic weekend,

And as a totally unrelated sidenote~ my word verification this go-round is "quest". Interesting!

Tim said...

I believe you! I mean just look at the form he has swinging that bat!

Oh yeah, no pressure but you better do Vlogemotions! LOL

Love and Prayers,


LeAndMatt said...

Congrats Buckaroo! Way to go! Kuddos on rounding the bases in the correct order!

The Torres Family

Phoebe said...

Aww! I haven't been here in forever our family has been busy! But I love that one where he is, *ahem* shall we say, discussing with another teammate? Classic.