16 June 2009

Guess who HAD a birthday

Frank-o did!!

He turned 3 on June 7.

And, as always, he is smiling from ear to ear and doesn't care one little bit that his Momma is exactly one week and two days late posting about it.

As of today, I am unsure of his height and weight to add to this post for him to one day look back on....once again, doesn't bother him.

What did matter, was the party!!

What I do know is this.....

He is:

a real-life miracle

always smiling

isn't potty-trained and {shocker} doesn't care

eats anything tomato-based; salsa, spaghetti sauce

still drinks only soy milk

prefers Skittles over M&Ms

one of the smallest in his class

loves music

still enjoys watching Dora the Explorer

obsessed with LSU baseball
carefree regarding clothing, shoes, appearance

fascinated with his Momma's hair

likes to be held

a fantastic little brother

a fan of Doritos chips over cookies anyday

full of facial expressions

and lights up the room just by entering!!


{Kimber} said...

I have to agree with the last one for sure...that little face of his...so adorable! sorry we couldn't make it to the party...and you gotta show me how to do a collage like that!

Courtney and the Boys said...

Happy belated, little buddy! Great pics, my friend. And I love all of his little descriptors. What a guy.

Tim said...

Happy Birthday Frank-O!!

Love and Prayers,


Lori said...

Happy Birthday. What a fun age.