11 June 2009

Sights of Philly

Before our super busy weekend (I know, busy weekend....shocker, right?!) kicks into high gear tomorrow afternoon, I wanted to post several pictures from my trip to Philadelphia. Not only was it my first trip away from my family since having my boys....it was also the Northernmost destination that I have traveled and I embarked on my first-ever taxi/cab ride!!

:: skyrise shot in downtown Philadelphia ::

:: if you can see past the homeless people lining the streets and the constant barrage of horns honking from speeding taxicabs up and down the streets, the streets of downtown Philly were actually quite pretty with lots of flowers and foliage ::

:: the downtown area of the City of Brotherly Love is filled with statues and sculptures like these that were directly across the street from my hotel ::

:: speaking of my hotel, here is the front of the Westin hotel on 17th street in downtown Philadelphia ::

:: I'm not certain what is housed in this beautiful building, I was fond of the architecture and the American flags leading the way to the building, so I photographed it ::

:: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), our nation's first free-standing inpatient hospital facility dedicated solely to children ::

:: this the indoor atrium area as you enter the front doors of CHOP ::

There you have it.... Wasn't tons of time of photography, as I was in class for 9+ hours for the two complete days that I was there. It was, however, a fantastic trip. I must note that from the moment I left Baton Rouge, until I touched down in Philadelphia, throughout my entire stay, and on the round trip back home, every service employee that I encountered from flight attendants, baggage claims assistants, hotel clerks, concierge, housekeeping personnel, taxicab driver, waitresses.....were enthusiastic, kind, accomodating, smiling, friendly, you get my drift. In our world today, I believe this speaks to the idea that there are still people that genuinely care for mankind and do their jobs to the best of their abilities day in and day out with a smile on their face.

This weekend's agenda includes Frank-o's birthday party (also, I neglected to post/schedule a post on his birthday that I intend to do) on Saturday morning, LSU baseball game at the College World Series is on TV Saturday at 6pm, employee crawfish boil at Daddy Buck's work on Sunday, followed by a birthday party Sunday afternoon. All of this will include a house full of guests for the weekend.


Tim said...

WOW what great pics! I know you must have had a really great time even though you were occupied most of the time!

Love and Prayers,


{Kimber} said...

glad to have you back neighbor!!!

{Kimber} said...

I have awarded you...check my blog :)