29 June 2009

John Deere green

Dressed appropriately for the play, Buck-a-roo was entertained for hours on end in the much-appreciated A/C on Sunday afternoon with his new John Deere farm toys that he and Frank-o (napping during the photo op) received from their friends from Mississippi during our Sunday lunch gathering at Middendorf's Seafood Restaurant.

{commenting on the cute, tan feet with the freshly painted toenails accidentally not cropped out of the right side of the photo completely optional}

Thank you S, A, S Gip......we love our new tractors, trucks, horses, cows, and stable. We enjoyed seeing you all!!!!


Trish said...

It looks like you have six toes in that picture!

Pam said...

OK, I'll be the first to comment on the cute, tanned feet with freshly painted toes...they look very nice!

Love all the green, too, by the way. You know we have NONE of that kind of green at my house. The only green has pink to go along with it.;-)

Jersey Girl in Louisiana said...

my 3 year old is now saying "mama i get cool tractors, like those boys have. santa must think they good boys, right mama?"

like your blog!