20 August 2009

August 21, 2009

Today, I took Buck-a-roo to the ENT for a follow-up visit and to receive clearance for anesthesia tomorrow.

His right ear remains infected, though much less than a week ago. Nonetheless, she insisted on “vacuuming” it once more before he goes nighty-night tomorrow. It is like tackling a ferocious tiger in the wild and holding it down against it's will while dangling fresh red meat in front of it tough, to say the least, to “vacuum” his ear out; but, we got it done and received the all clear two thumbs up go ahead for his surgery tomorrow morning.

This morning, of all mornings, Frank-o complains that “sumphin is in my ear”. {fantastic!} Anyone who knows this kid, anyone who has heard of this kid, or anyone who had read about this kid, knows that he is ‘the kid’ that would put something in his ear! So, needlesstosay, accompanied us on the visit to the ENT as well.

Come to find out, he had NOT put anything in his ear; however, his tube that was supposed to be in his eardrum had made its way out and was embedded in the side of his ear canal. Next ensues my holding down another ferocious wild beast during feeding time a second kicking, screaming, flailing child while the doctor removed the embedded tube from his ear canal.

The three of us left the ENT’s office a mere 17 minutes and a $100 later, two wailing and one distraught. A hour-long commute back home and I am removing the boys from the carseats as they are both zonked out and I touch Frank-o's forehead and feel that he is warm; I take his temperature to find out that it is 102.5. A phone conversation to the ENT leads to the verdict of, it’s either a fever virus or an infection that has mustered itself following the removal of the embedded tube in his ear. {fabulous!}

Later in the evening, I receive a phone call from the cardiology nurse informing me that the PICU (where we are to be admitted in the morning) is full…….you know, like, NO VACANCIES AT THE INN. {frickin incredible!}

Tired of that talk…….me too!!!!!!

Since it completely goes against my grain on this blog to publish a post pictureless…….feast your eyes on the two collages below of the boys, fancily dressed and plaid-clad, for their Fall School Pictures!!

Fall School Picture Day

Fall School Picture Day1


Ok….back to tomorrow!! August 21, 2009!

GO Day!! Game faces on! {following a phone call to the PICU in the morning to ensure bed availability}, we will report to the ICU at 1000 for surgery at 1230.

[Need I remind everyone, that exactly 1 month and 1 day ago.......Buck-a-roo and I planned on a day to consist of a trip to the pediatrician for a 4 year old checkup with shots and a lunch date with Dad. Geesum Pete's!]


I will rest tonight knowing that it ALL rests in the hands of the Lord tomorrow!