23 August 2009

a healed heart

For me, the most delightful way to outline the sequence of events that took place over a 24 hour period and lead up to ‘a healed heart’ is with a timeline of pictures, so here we go……

:: just before leaving for the hospital. he and brother sporting camoflauge (a fav of Buck-a-roo’s), in Stellan-esque style ::


:: brave Buck-a-roo, Synera patch on hand, just before receiving his IV ::IMG_3259

:: angiography picture taken during the procedure. I have traced the PDA (patent ductus arteriosus) {in red} with the contrasted blood flow ::


:: angiography picture taken during the procedure. I have traced {in red} the coil that is now in place ::


:: angiography picture taken during the procedure. I have traced {in red} the coil in place, now minus the contrasted blood flow (as seen through the large Aorta) ::


(did any of that make perfect sense?)

* I did not take any pictures of my baby while he was intubated; the surgery (originally slated for 3-4 hours) was complete in 1 hour and 10 minutes and was a complete success; skip ahead to post-extubation pictures….now, the rest of the story *

:: resting peacefully following a bit of a battle during extubation ::


:: he woke briefly to notice that he had flowers/balloons delivered, requested a balloon be tied to his hand, and then swiftly went back to sleep for several more hours ::


:: still snoozing and being monitored as Dad and I treat ourselves to Copeland’s of New Orleans takeout in the hospital room ::


:: awake, alert, and smiling FINALLY ::


:: having Dad read him his new book (Thanks Aunt T) just following a minor setback of some nausea and vomiting after eating a handful of Goldfish. he later tolerated Sprite and several popsicles and we were discharged from the hospital and headed home shortly thereafter ::


:: playing early Saturday morning, with Frank-o and his {new} GI Joe (Thanks Uncle Buck and Aunt G) as if nothing ever happened. the only evidence of heart surgery are the EKG electrodes still present on his back ::


From the initial shocking diagnosis, the days leading up to the surgery, the prayers and well wishes from our friends and family, the remarkable success of the surgery, and the impeccable strength of our son have all been slightly OVERWHELMING.

We do not/did not ever lose sight of the fact that God is our Savior and without him….we are nothing.

We have been awed and amazed at our incredible son.

We are ever so grateful for the team of physicians and nurses {MY dear friends} that treated Buck-a-roo.

We are blessed to have such wonderful friends and family that continuously prayed for Buck-a-roo for this time period that spanned exactly one month and one day.

This has been a 32 day rollercoaster ride that has come to an end and following a one week, one month, and six month check-up it will be all but a memory, or in the words of our fine pediatric cardiologist, “discharged…..goodbye…..have a nice life!”