31 August 2009

our crew at the zoo

Ok, Ok, Ok, blogging hiatus unintentional.  I realize that it has been over a week since I gave you this “teaser” photograph……


That MUST mean that I’ve been super busy enjoying the new fall-like temperatures outdoors with my boys, tending to the first week of preschool, sweeping/mopping floors daily, taking Buck-a-roo to followup cardiology appointments,  showing our house to multiple prospective buyers, laundrytoiletsdisheswindowsdinnergroceries…… you get the idea!!


Yes, we went to the Zoo; and, to follow are some wonderful pictures from our day.  A day that included welcomed temperatures in the 80s and low humidity. 

C’mon Fall…..I dare ya!!

The boys really enjoy the bird area of our zoo……


And, “what is Frank-o doing in this picture?”, you ask??


Calling the Macaws, of course!!!


Another favorite area……


the Children’s Petting Zoo!


Frank-o is a huge fan of the playground!


{and an even bigger fan of smiling for the camera}


Playground area is kinda a favorite spot for Mom and Dad too!!


Below are my two favorite pictures for two reasons:

:: these have to be the two sweetest (yet, always bickering), adorable (yet, always filthy), loving (yet, always say that we {Daddy Buck and I} are mean boys this side of the Mississippi River!

::  these are my two best attempts {with my DSLR camera} that I have achieved thus far at a very difficult photography skill called BOKEH.  Who cares that I achieved it accidentally!!!  Hey photography junkies (Kimber), whatcha think??

IMG_3307 IMG_3308 

We had a fantastic family outing!