27 September 2009

orange in every picture

Clothed in orange and black in honor of Daddy Buck’s late grandmother whose birthday was on Halloween, Daddy Buck’s sister’s family, the boys and I participated in the Capital Area Alzheimer’s Walk on Saturday morning. IMG_3628

Following a scare in which Buck-a-roo was separated from us in the crowd of 5000+ for a few brief, yet horribly terrifying 3 minutes or so, Buck-a-roo completed the walk hand-in-hand with me while Frank-o rode almostentirelypeacefully strolled by his grandmother.


Soon thereafter, our sister-in-law, nieces, and nephew crossed the finish line to join their dad as he finished the 5K run.


We were full of smiles (and sweat) and proud of our taking the time out of our Saturday morning to raise awareness and money for a debilitating disease, full-knowing that Grandmother was with us in spirit.


Halloween is becoming a highly anticipated holiday around our house. Typically it is not in my nature to promote the gruesome ghouls, goblins, and Grim Reapers that can be associated with Halloween-time; instead I lean toward the grinning ghosts and jovial Jack-o-lanterns. But, when my boys saw, grabbed, whined and wailed in the aisles of Walmart, and fell in love with these…..


…..devil and skeleton masks from the dollar area of the Halloween aisle last week, I caved and purchased them. They find it incredibly funny to wear them and “scare” Daddy Buck and I.


And, in keeping with the Halloween spirit, Frank-o doesn’t even need to don a mask to produce a scary face…..


And, he doesn’t even need to swallow one of those fake blood-producing capsules to achieve the “vampire-mouth” look…..


An Oreo (or two) does the trick!

And, in honor of the opening of deer season this week; here’s his “deer in the head lights” pose…..


Have a great week!!!


Courtney and the Boys said...

Awww...great post! Love all of the orange and the reason behind it. :)

Kristan said...

I truely love that last pic!! SO cute~ I need to get working on the girls' costumes if I want to get them finished!! I will not spend a ton of money on costumes!! The boys still being rescue heroes??

The Wilson Window said...

great photos... frank-o looks miserable at the walk!