04 October 2009

the {P}s of a sleepover

After weeks of begging and pleading from Buck-a-roo, Friday night we had our first overnight sleepover. So as to avoid the 1AM “I wanna go home’s” to set myself up for smooth success, we kept it in the family by having my dear niece over for our 1st sleepover.


Where’d we sleep? {P}ALLETS


What’d we watch? KUNG FU {P}ANDA


What’d we have for snack? {P}OPCORN


And, I suppose a successful sleepover wouldn’t be complete without…… {P}ILLOW FIGHTS!!!!!


Whew! 1st sleepover…..{P}OSITIVELY {P}ERFECT!

1 comment:

Courtney and the Boys said...

Of COURSE you have LSU pillowcases! ha! What a fun night. :) Your boys are so darn cute.