17 November 2009

Frank-o’s Fashion

I have blogged before about Frank-o’s style all his own.

He’s still keeping it real.

Who else could pull off the chosen-by-him Saturday apparel of the lime green, oversized sleep tee paired with last year’s Easter Sunday, baby blue plaid short shorts and the worn out, almost too small, Georgia workboots to complete the ensemble.


Or maybe you’d prefer the Ralph Lauren pink cargo shorts alongside the school logo hoodie also rounded out with the same getting too small Georgia workboots and Dad’s Mississippi Braves 3+ year old baseball cap.


It’s not easy to look this hip! trendy! cool!

It’s Frank-o’s Fashion!

Before you know it, your kid’ll be wanting to wear boots and shorts everyday just like Frank-o!!

1 comment:

LeAndMatt said...

Cracks me up! Guess I am lucky enough that Patrick just goes along with whatever I pick out and put on him...not many complaints!

love ya!