15 November 2009



Who can resist footed pajamas on children.  I. Can’t.

So when Buck-a-roo recently told me that he wanted a new pair for the cooler nights, even though Daddy Buck thinks they are entirely too old to wear them, I jumped at the idea and scored two pair from Target (on clearance even)! 

Because….. though I am so enjoying the ages that my boys are right now; the introduction to extracurricular activities and sports, the PreK color sheets that come home biweekly, the buckling of themselves into their booster seats, the opportunity to go places diaper bag-less, the upcoming preschool Christmas program, the communication and interactions between the two of them; there remains a small part of me that wishes they would stay my babies for a bit longer. 


Our two “jailbirds” are growing up; but for the next few months, they’ll wear, what is probably their last pairs of footed PJs, and I’ll enjoy LOVE minute of it. 


Rudy Rukus said...

Those are seriously cute!! Yes it is totally snowy here. My kids are annoyed because I won't let them out in it. I will eventually but we are still kinda sick! I believe you are warm there though we were in LA for the sugar bowl last January and I was sweating the whole time! So jealous!

The Wilson Window said...

love it! you are NEVER too old for pj's like that- especially if you live somewhere it actually gets cold!
i wore those pj's with feet till i left the mountains!

Maura said...

They are so cute!! I still have a pair of footed pj's and I wear them all the time int the winter. :)