12 November 2009

grandparents and greatgrandparents

  Tonight we celebrated Daddy Buck’s birthday with a family dinner of venison and rice&gravy, some fun with neighborhood friends, and THESE {handmade by me delicacies}………..



I wanted to share some pictures from last weekend, an impromptu weekend that the boys and I shared with {my side} grandparents and greatgrandparents……..


::wearing your Great-grandpa’s boots and wide brim hat::

grandparentsgreat grandparents

::flying on the zipline at Mawmaw’s park::

grandparentsgreat grandparents2


::frolicking in the fallen leaves of Mawmaw’s backyard::

grandparentsgreat grandparents1

are the makings for good times, priceless memories


and exhausted little boys {and one slap worn out Great-grandpa too}


And, we plan on doing the same exact thing this weekend when we travel to Alabama to visit Daddy’s Buck’s grandfather.


Ashleigh said...

Maybe I'm a bit emotional, but the last picture brought tears to my eyes.

The Wilson Window said...

OH MY, I LOVE the pics of them sleeping... makes me happy, so sweet.

Courtney and the Boys said...

Oh. My. word. That must be the absolute most precious picture I've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously? Your son can fall asleep sitting up? That's amazing! Great pictures, my friend! Felt like I was perusing a catalog. :)

Rudy Rukus said...

Oh so fun! Those cupcakes look yummy!! I have tried that frosting before and it just didn't turn out I must try again it looks so yummy! Love the sleeping photo they were both tuckered out eh??

The Wilson Window said...

oh yeah... the cupcakes were SUPER yummy, my birthday is in January (hint, hint)