11 November 2009

Veteran’s Day is a SPECIAL day

“This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.” …...Elmer Davis

November 11, Veteran’s Day, is a special day. It is the day that our great country has dedicated to give thanks, show respect, and devote attention to the wonderful veterans that admirably serve our country allowing us the rights, priveleges, and freedoms that we enjoy everyday.

November 11, Veteran’s Day, is an extra-special day in the Vaughn household. It is a day that we say thanks to our dad for serving our country.


November 11 is also the day that we tell OUR veteran-dad…….Happy Birthday!!!!

We. Love. You.


Pam said...

Happy Birthday


a great big THANKS, Daddy Buck!!

Hope y'all have a great day celebrating:-)

The Wilson Window said...

SO sweet... Happy Bday and Veterans Day to Vaughn Dad!!!

Ashleigh said...

I hope ya'll had a great day! The fingers are the cutest idea. Patrick's nephews birthday is today too, and he is in the Reserves.