17 December 2009

self-written birthday post


Happy Birthday to You Me, Happy Birthday to You Me, Happy Birthday Dear Mommy, Happy Birthday to You Me! 

I am unsure at this point whether:

a.)  my occasional (read:constant) complaining about sweeping/vacuuming/mopping enough food particles to made a small meal from my floors on a daily basis

b.)  the fact that this sweet lady no longer cleans my house every two weeks

c.)  my three guys love their Momma dearly

scored me this FABULOUS present.


Irregardless……I am one PLEASED Mommy!! 

Thank you Daddy Buck, Buck-a-roo, and Frank-o for a Happy 31st Birthday!!


Mandy and Jack said...


Ashleigh said...

Too funny, and your cake is sooooo yummy! Happy 31st - you young chick!