18 December 2009

same story…..different holiday

Why is it that I feel as though I just did this??

Christmas treats

It’s because I did.  It only feels like it was last week, truly it was 2 months ago

Nonetheless, we did it.  The boys and I, that is, stuffed another 25 treat bags for their classmates.  With Christmas treats this time around!!

Christmas treats1 

And again for the teachers as well!!


In all actuality, I enjoy doing these sorts of scheduled, rhythmic, organized tasks and I (we) certainly love the act of giving!

It was fun and we hope everyone enjoys!

Now, I will schedule this post for Friday AM and head back to……{you guessed it} gift wrapping!!!


Pam said...

Oh my gosh, is that ALL you do these days? Didn't you just do that like 3 weeks ago? Okay, 6 weeks ago, TOPS.

You are a better, more organized and ambitious Momma than I. ;-)

P.S. LOVE all the pics from your photo shoots! Great job. And why is F-o taking a breathing treatment?

Anonymous said...

well thats probably because you did just do that. i know christmas wrapping can be murder. you can succeed epically or you can crash and burn. its your choice. this is phillip. hey guys