04 January 2010

a new year, a new calendar

The beginning of a new year is exciting……new goals to be accomplished, new aspirations to achieve, new dreams to come to fruition, new items to place on the “to-do” list to eventually check off the “to-do” list, birthdays to remember, extracurricular activities not to be forgotten…….AND, a fresh, untarnished, open slate just waiting for its first markings!!

A new calendar!!!!!!!


And this year, 2010, brought us a special calendar complete with bright, cheery, handsome (if I must say so myself) brotherly gentlemen with the flip of each monthly page!!


My new calendars are thanks to VistaPrint….what I believe to be the best “bang for your buck” printing company around online. 



Great selection. 

Superb customer service. 

Twitter users. 


Fully customizable.



I have been a customer of VistaPrint on several instances in the past and when asked by their PR department if I’d be interested in posting to my personal blog about VistaPrint’s services in exchange for several of their products; well, let’s just say I wasted no time. 

So, yes, I have been compensated for this post; however, I’d have said the same of VistaPrint’s products and services nonetheless and I have purchased  in the past……thank-you cards, birthday invitations, return address labels, return address stamp, moving announcements, and most recently, this year’s Christmas cards


Their customer service/public relations department is “real life” help.  If you don’t believe me…..try this:  go to Twitter, mention (@) VistaPrint in a tweet albeit a question, comment, or compliment and see if someone doesn’t personally answer your question, respond to your comment, or acknowledge your compliment within the hour.  I’m telling you….they will! 

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brooke lynn said...

i LOVE vistaprint too! you just can't beat 'em.
happy new year!