08 January 2010

Who said it??


::  “I’m very very super mad really angry!”

“Why dear?”

“Don’t make me ‘peat myself!”  ::


::  “C’mere Remington……let me tell you a surprise (read: secret).  Rem, tonight (read: January 6), Santa gonna come see you and he might bring you a cat squwoosher.”


::  “Momma, do I need to go poo-poo?

“I don’t know son, do you?”

“Will you be proud of me?”


“Then I’ll go!”  ::


::  {speaking of the Avatar character from the McDonald’s Happy Meal to his grandmother, Mam}  “Mam, this thing has bumps on her chest just like you and Mommy, so it must be a GIRL!!”  ::


::  “Dad, when we go to heaven…..do we still have birthdays?”  ::


::  {as he gently kisses the top of my head as I’m helping him to change his pants} “Mommy, I whilly, whilly love you but I’m gonna need you to stop fussing at me soooo much pwease!”  ::


::  “Mommy, I love you in the whole wide world!”  ::


::  {nightly prayers}  “Dear God, thank you for sending Jesus to us so he won’t be bored.  And, thank you God for my Mommy being a nurse to help all the children”  ::


Cortney @ evanhaslanded.com said...

How precious!! You definitely need to keep those to remember how sweet this stage is, when they are adults!

brooke lynn said...

so sweet. i love the things kids say! thanks for sharing!

Ashleigh said...

very very sweet, and the avatar comment is hilarious!

Courtney and the Boys said...

Um. Puh-reh-shus. Totally.

Mandy and Jack said...

These are so funny!!!