12 February 2010

Snow Day 2010


After a false alarm earlier this year, we finally did receive “the white stuff” this morning and the boys and I were home from school and work to enjoy it!!  IMG_5831

This makes two years in a row (see last year’s post here {and do take note that my photography has greatly improved})  that we have received snow in south Louisiana……unheard of!!!!!

IMG_5836 IMG_5837

Frank-o enjoyed the snow much more than last year!


Both boys seemed to be pretty doggone good at plummeting Mom and her camera with snowballs!!


And just like that…….”the white stuff” has already begun to dissipate.  Once again, this year, it was fun while it lasted!



The Wilson Window said...

WOW... that was quick! and now the snow is GONE.

The Powell Family said...

Okay, so I remember Jennifer playing with her camera and the water drip.....how did you capture the snow flakes falling? Was it luck and big slow snowflakes, or was it a constant downpour and you did something cool with your lens. Teach me oh wise one! :)

Beautiful house by the way!

Ashleigh said...

Nice pics, they are better, but they snow was WAY better last year! Glad ya'll were home to enjoy it!

LeAndMatt said...

We got creative in the midst of our 'snow storm' this morning. I really didn't want to get Matt's camera and new lens wet so I dug out a gallon freezer bag, cut the end out of it big enough for the lens to fit through and stuck the camera in the bag.....it worked....until the snow flakes kept hitting the filter and causing wet spots....it has finally stopped coming down so Matt is super excited to be able to go out and take pictures without getting all wet!

oh and big improvements in your photography skills since last year...really shows!

Goldylocks aka Erin said...

Oh what fun!!! It's nice to see some people appreciate a bit of snow, unlike is Northerners who are so over it at this point!!!