10 April 2010

going, going, gone!!








But not before Frank-o declared that the nice, kind, considerate, friendly moving truck driver was a “THIEF”.  And further re-iterated that he was a “bad man” and was “stealing all our stuff”. 


Over the past week we have:

moved in with my mother-in-law

greatly downsized our daily essentials for living

organized our things to occupy two bedrooms and a bathroom

closed on our old house

contracted with the builder to build our new home

started tball season for Buck-a-roo and Frank-o

took Spring school pictures

closed on our lot loan and construction loan


And, after a week without my computer, attempting to setup a wireless connection to no avail, purchasing a new router from WalMart over the course of several visits, and finally successfully establishing a wireless network……my internet connection has been re-established!  WooHoo!!!


This coming week we will: 

mark off Week #1 from the 16-week projected stay here with my ever-so-generous mother-in-law

send the plans for our new home to the “City” for final approval

continue tball practice in preparation for the first game at the end of the month

{Buck-a-roo and Frank-o} visit the dentist for teeth cleanings

{Buck-a-roo} undergo ear surgery


Enjoy your Sunday……

1 comment:

Ashleigh said...

Surgery again? I hope it all goes well.

Too funny Frank-O thought you stuff was being stolen. While you just stood by idly watching!

Glad to see you back on & can't wait to watch the journey!