21 April 2010

our afternoon at the park

Amidst my mother-in-law’s neighborhood is a city-owned public park that is within walking/bicycling distance from her house.



Needless to say, we’ve been several times since moving in a little over two weeks ago now.  And, if I was a bettin’ woman, I’d bet there were several more park visits to be had during our 4+ month stint here. 



A {sunny} afternoon at the park allows for excellent photo opportunities.  I did put my camera down long enough to push my boys on the swings. 



But only long enough to get them up, up, up in the air while I ran underneath and around to snap another picture because I’m good like that!

IMG_6423 IMG_6424      


Before we go any further, I know what you’re thinking…….

Why did VaughnMom take her boys to the park wearing solid white collared shirts?

I’ll be happy to answer that for you:

a.) because that’s what they wore to school and I don’t allow clothes changes post-school otherwise my children would change clothes 14 times from 4-7pm (I might shoulda fudged the rule today, but oh well)

b.) white shirts turned completely gray with splotches of black and brown don’t scare us…….we’ve got Clorox, OxyClean, and Dawn by the cases

c.) it shows our FUN better…..you see we judge our days/outings/adventures and how fun/exciting/enjoyable they were by how filthy/dirty/grimy we can get and today’s white shirts just show it off sooooo much more.  Today looks to have been a 10+!!



“Se, Buck-a-roo, are you having a great time this afternoon at the park?”


In closing, today as I nursed my ‘raw from being blown’ nose, ‘nonstop hacking’ cough, and my ‘sore from a Cortisone shot’ bum……I downloaded some new Lightroom presets. 

The likes of which, this gal and this one have been waiting patiently all evening to preview!!

IMG_6408IMG_6434  IMG_6430

And this concludes our afternoon at the park!!


Amie said...

OOoo I like!

My2Gs said...

Gorgeous pictures! I so want a big fancy camera but I wouldn't even know where to begin with it ;0)

The Wilson Window said...

very good post sister!

{Kimber} said...

looks like a fun park :)
{where'd you get your presets?}

Anita said...

Lovely photos!!

Anita said...

Lovely photos!!

Jenni said...

is that the permanent toe ring? Love the pics :)